Social Bookmarking
Social Book Marking is the process of saving web pages in the form of bookmarks to a public website and lagging them with the keywords, so that it is easy to find them with keywords. It is the technique for the internet users to store, organize, search the web pages on the internet, and managing book marks of web pages, in a single online location for future use or for sharing with other internet users, sites like Digg, Delicious, Reditt, Stumble upon…. Etc provides social book marking.

In order to create a collection of social book marks, you need to register with a social book marking site, which enables you to store book marks, add tags, titles, and provide description for the given web page, you would like to save or store, and it designates different book marks as public or private. Visitors of this social book marking sites can search for resources using keyword person or popularity and look are he public book marks. Key words & classification shows that registered users have created and saved.

Today most of the people are using social book marking to publicize their website and increase visitors to their website, though many internet users not exactly knows, what is its anticipated purpose is, basically book marking is an simple mode to remember WebPages on the internet. SBM assists you in acquiring stuff that you are looking for. Further it allows you to collaborate with internet users across the web by sharing your bookmarks of websites with them. It is possible only when you select the option public when bookmarking a site. It also permit users to save any number of bookmarks to a public website by way of tagging them with keywords that are descriptive and titled.

Tagging a website or a web page helps the person tagging it as well as other internet users, those who are on the look out for the related topic or subject that has been tagged. In this way others will also be able to easily find the tagged website, with the help of descriptive keywords.

What social book marking provides?

Social book marking keeps people updated on the latest news and trends. Social book marking websites generate links to sites as well as articles and also allow their users or visitors to post their views in the form of comments on these articles. It enables the visitors of a website to get linked to other web pages or SBM sites.

Social book marking helps in getting instant traffic to your web pages, provided your site is tagged under popular tags, when you submit your site in SBM sites, people can vote on your page quality, the more the votes you get the more will be the traffic to your website. Finally social book marking also helps in searching, arranging presenting any information easily, effectively, and efficiently.