What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization is a specialized technique of increasing your website presence to the Search Engines for the targeted keywords that are relevant to your business which are searched by aspiring visitors via popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.,

What is the Need of SEO?
Today, there are uncountable searches performed on the internet through search engines by users looking out for products and services. As a result, internet has become a dynamic selling tool. Your website acts as a virtual store front of your business providing it to stay active 24/7. Optimizing your website for Search Engines enables you to reach your targeted customers, enables you to take advantage of long term at low cost web traffic and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

When is the best time for the initiation SEO Process?
The best time for SEO initiation is when; you are redesigning your website or launching a new website in the market. Additionally, it is ideal though to avail SEO services when you feel that ranking is low as well as your willing to gain more visibility by appearing on the top of the search results.

Can I perform SEO for my website myself?
It would be a good option to outsource it to a company that specializes SEO Services; since it is a tedious ,extra time-consuming consulting process which needs a lot of time, effort, expert personnel to perform the task, possessing knowledge of SEO industry, tactics etc. Though you may perform, it would take a lot of time for you to learn the tactics and apply the same that may effect yourcore business operations.

How soon can we expect the results?
As your SEO work starts, it can take anywhere around one month or a few months to see the measurable results. This is because you are forced with a competition with millions of other websites and to outrank them overnight is not possible.

Is it required to optimize each page of our website?
Yes, we recommend that you should optimize each page of your website as every page of your website can be a potential point of entry for your visitors.