Blog Commenting
Blog Commenting is a most effective SEO strategy in search engine optimization; it is an interesting process of creating quality one way back link to your website. This is the technique which is used by many web masters and bogglers in order to attract users to visit their website, in this powerful technique what we need to do is informative, complete key word rich comment on the other blogging website, along with same anchor text linking back to your website. In order entice visitors/users to check on links pointing to their websites.

Blog Commenting is the process in which you need to search for the relevant blog in order to comment, it is essential to select blogs that contain quality content which is key word enriched that is related to your website and also those that are not overloaded with too many comments. You may or may not link back to your website as you would be hardly noticed, on posting & comment on blogs that are overloaded with too many comments.

There are many successful blogs that discuss a wide variety of similar and different to communicate and socialize release quickly. In this situation in order to get the bogglers attention to your comment, you would have to ask prompt & relevant questions related to this way it is benefited to you to attract the attention of the bogglers as well as the attraction of the people.